Unlike out-dated bottled products, water from Pure Water Pro’s systems don’t sit idle in plastic containers made from petroleum, or in bacteria-laden holding tanks commonly found in water coolers.

Instead it is purified at the point of use. This means you can drink with confidence in knowing that you have the freshest water available, all at the touch of a button.


Pure Water Pro’s systems eliminate the unhealthy environmental, workplace, and personal impact that bottled water systems have on us all.

Our bottle-less systems use state of the art water purification techniques that don’t create yet more plastic waste to clog up landfills and pollute natural water sources – making it the healthiest option for all.


Our systems use a multi-stage filtration process which surpasses the competitors, including a:

  • Sediment Filter to remove dirt, rust and silt
  • Carbon Block Filter to remove chemicals
  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane
  • Granular Activated Carbon Filter
  • Activated Oxygen Injection to eliminate microbiological contamination



Tim Sharp

CEO, Founder

Water for Oil.  After 20+ years in the Oil and Gas business, Tim decided it was time for a change. He is the CEO/ President of Pure Water Pros established in 2012.
Tim has always been interested in water purification systems and saw a need to provide better drinking water to businesses.
Most businesses want to provide drinking water for their employees or customers so they use what everyone has used since the early 1900’s the 5-gallon bottles or the drinking fountains on the wall.  In 2012 Pure Water Pros introduced the point of use water unit with reverse osmosis purification to the Huntsville/ North Alabama area.


Lesia Sharp

VP Operations

Lesia has 20+ years working in the medical field serving as Health Information Manager and Coordinator of the Cancer Program at Henry Medical Center in Stockbridge, Georgia. She also brings years of experience working as her husband’s Administrative Secretary.   She is the Vice President of Operations and wears many hats.



Daniel Sharp

Service Manager


Bill Slusher

Installation Tech

We are proud to work with

The Rock Family Worship Center
Wayne Farms


  • We at Honeywell feel we have made a great choice in moving to the Pure Water POU solution.  We feel it is a much superior, convenient, and most importantly healthier solution for our employee base.  It has saved us 240 man hours over our previous bottled water solution and has saved us in 6 to 7K in spend over and above the bottled water solution yearly.  We feel we have chosen the best product and the best solution from the best company.  Happy to be doing business with Pure Water.

    Employee quotes:
    “Best tasting water I’ve ever had”
    “Can’t beat the convenience”
    “So glad all we have to do is push a button”
    “Making coffee is so much easier now.  Just push a button” (speaking of the direct pipe solution for automatic coffee makers)
    “Guys are professional and knowledgeable and easy to work with”

    Trey Carter
    Global Planner, Honeywell Aerospace
  • Since 2013 we have been using Pure Water Pros units on our course and in our club house.  What an improvement over those 10-gallon Coolers!! Our customers now always have a cool, sanitary product that they can count on, while our staff saves time every day not lugging heavy coolers all over the course! I would highly recommend Tim and his team at Pure Water Pros to help you streamline your process while providing a great product to your staff and customers.

    Amy Kimmons, General Manager
    Gunters Landing Golf Course

    Gunters Landing Golf Course
  • Dear Tim
    I just wanted to send you this letter to let you know how much we are enjoying the Wellsys system you put in place in my office and my home. The water is so incredibly great everyone sees the difference between this and the other waters we have had in the past.
    As you know, I have been researching water for the last 15 years. I started working with and recommending the traditional filters such as Brita you can find on the market, then I advanced to Kangen/Vollara and now we are at WellSys. This system in replacing a more comprehensive list of minerals is far superior to the Kangen/Vollara I used previously and you can taste the difference.
    Over the years I have allowed my patients to get the Water from the Vollara machine and encouraged them to get a machine of their own but the price was just too much for most of them and the majority of my patients have been unable to get this for themselves. With your system and the leasing capabilities for my patients, I have been well pleased that many more of my patients have found this to be affordable and even more economical when considering they were paying for bottle water before.
    Thanks for helping me and my patients in enjoying water as it was meant to be!

    Johnnie W Strickland Jr. MD